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Difficult Days

Yesterday was another day that was difficult. They come every now and then and it seems as if they come in clusters. I had had a very strenuous weekend at my parents place and had done a great amount of back breaking work for them. My boyfriend came along and helped for which I am […]

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What Are Airbricks and Why Do We Need Them?

Airbricks, sometimes called air bricks or air vents, are special bricks containing holes that allow air to enter under the floor of buildings that have suspended floors. Cavity walls also need ventilation to allow airflow that will prevent moisture build up. Traditionally airbricks were made of clay – a material similar to that used to […]

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4 Tips To Become A Good Head Of Your Family

As children grow wiser, it can be hard for some parents to remain in control. Many parents are overwhelmed by the immense love they have for their children that they will let them have their way every time. Every family needs a head, however. This is the only way everything can work smoothly. Without proper […]

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Steeple Morden

Summary Recently, public attention has been given to “The Greatest Generation” of Americans. They are the American World War II generation, so dubbed by former NBC television news anchorman, journalist, and author Tom Brokaw. While much justifiable attention has been given to veteran reunions and family visits to the French beaches of Normandy, that is […]

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Alzheimer’s: Looking at Life Differently

One of my best friends has a steadily advancing case of Alzheimer’s. It is a heart wrenching disease to watch and appears to be impossibly challenging to the person in the body. My friend, who could always make me lighten up, moved to the other side of the country about seven years ago to be […]

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