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Blessing the Homeless One Bundle at a Time

Two years ago, my fiancĂ©, Cody, and I were inspired to help the less fortunate individuals in our Pensacola, FL community. We thought long and hard about what we could do to start our own family tradition of making a difference. We brainstormed and finally had an idea that we felt motivated to achieve. We […]

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From The Diary Of A Failed Spouse, Who Learnt To Smile

We are successful parents, and a successful family. What all, a newly married couple dreams, is already blessed by God. Prosperity! Yes: adequate finances, more than what we need; Well settled, caring, married children; And we are both self-sacrificing, keen to live within own income, and faithful to each other. In our social circles, we […]

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Past Lives of Possessions

This afternoon, I covered our dining room table with the white tablecloth my grandmother embroidered over 100 years ago. It’s my favorite tablecloth and I only use it for special occasions, such as Passover, Thanksgiving, or Hanukah which we are celebrating with friends this evening. Every time I spread it across the table, I admire […]

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