Blessing the Homeless One Bundle at a Time

Two years ago, my fiancĂ©, Cody, and I were inspired to help the less fortunate individuals in our Pensacola, FL community. We thought long and hard about what we could do to start our own family tradition of making a difference. We brainstormed and finally had an idea that we felt motivated to achieve. We […]

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Past Lives of Possessions

This afternoon, I covered our dining room table with the white tablecloth my grandmother embroidered over 100 years ago. It’s my favorite tablecloth and I only use it for special occasions, such as Passover, Thanksgiving, or Hanukah which we are celebrating with friends this evening. Every time I spread it across the table, I admire […]

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Memorize This!

I’m not judged by how many times I fail but by how many times I succeed. And the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep on trying! Now, let’s look at this advice in the view of the old middle school dance. Can […]

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The Great Shipping Divide

Dragging my feet I reluctantly followed my lady wife into the shopping mall. In my imagination a portal overhead with a curved sign: ‘All Men who Enter Here Ye are Doomed.’ Outside a department store, like rows of birds on garden parapets, were perched dispirited men. Eventually, their nearest and dearest, blinking in the sunlight, […]

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Winners Do What Others Won’t Do!

“Take out the trash!” Hey, I said. “Take out the trash!” Can you hear a familiar echo in that command from the proverbial father or mother yelling at their less-than-eager son to take out the trash? Good. Now let’s think about this. Nobody really likes to take out the trash, right? So why am I […]

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The Unforgiven Mistake

I met John in a bar. He looked so sad and he told me a story that happened four years ago. John was happily married to his lovely wife with four children. The husband and wife worked very hard and together they built-up a successful business. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, off day for […]

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